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Support Breast Cancer Awareness

A message from Viana Muller, PhD, cofounder of Whole World Botanicals:

Dear Whole World Botanicals Customers,

Many of you know that I had breast cancer 30 years ago—in fact, undergoing conventional treatment for a year and a half—while all the time researching complementary natural therapies resulted in my founding Whole World Botanicals. So really, having breast cancer led me to finding my true vocation in this lifetime!

Although I relied on mainstream approaches for my initial treatment, I embarked on a mission to find out how to improve my health and reduce my risk for any future problems. This led to my embracing, one by one, most of the botanicals which we now offer through Whole World Botanicals.

I have a problem with the way the pharmaceutical companies encourage the pink ribbon activities of Breast Cancer Awareness month. Early detection, as helpful as that can be, is NOT a substitute for lowering the risk for getting breast cancer. In 1900, only one in 100 women got breast cancer. Today, the rate of breast cancer is 8 out of every 100 women.

With all the environmental challenges to the immune system, coupled with the sky-high levels of stress that women—and men—experience in their everyday lives, the challenge of keeping healthy can best be met by very healthy eating and through the regular use of cleansing, balancing and nourishing botanicals. And let us not forget, keeping a happy mind and a sense of purpose in life.

To support Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Whole World Botanicals is excited to be supporting The Annie Appleseed Project, a trail blazing organization that supports new directions for truly integrative oncology. The first $2000.00 spent by members of The Annie Appleseed Project to purchase WWB products will be donated to this project.

We invite you to visit their website ( and learn from this rich resource produced by their inspiring founder, Ann Fonfa, a breast cancer survivor. This non-profit organization has become nationally recognized for sharing information and educating women about complementary and alternative (CAM) natural therapies for breast cancer and other estrogen-dependent cancers.

To learn how and why several of WWB’s botanical formulations can help you reduce your risk for getting breast cancer or help you keep healthy after you have finished your breast cancer treatment, click on our short slide show.