Abuta: A Botanical Breakthrough for High Blood Sugar

It’s a situation that millions of us experience every year. You’re sitting with your doctor, reviewing the results of your annual bloodwork, when the doctor looks at you with concern and says, “Hmmm, your blood sugar levels look a bit high. You need to cut way back on the sugar.”

Americans do have high rates of sugar consumption, but it’s only part of the story. Overeating in general – and in particular, eating a diet high in carbohydrates – also dramatically raises blood sugar levels. And, after years of a high-calorie, high-carbohydrate diet, many of us have underlying pancreatic dysfunction and insulin resistance. As a result, we have become incredibly efficient at storing excess glucose in the bloodstream as fat – and ineffective at burning it off! The result is that almost 40% of Americans are walking around with high blood sugar and its consequences, including increased belly fat, uncontrolled weight gain, and disease-promoting inflammation. In many cases, this leads to prediabetes – a condition where fasting blood sugar levels are consistently between 100 and 120. Untreated, prediabetes often leads to type 2 diabetes, with blood sugar levels consistently above 120.

Build Better Bones with Botanicals!

When I was younger, I didn’t worry about my bones. Like many health-conscious people, I thought it was enough to eat nutritionally dense foods and take high-quality supplements. Most of us don’t realize how much our vitality and mobility later in life depend on bone health…until we start losing several inches of height or we break a hip or wrist, that is! Then doctors haul out their toolbox of “treatments,” telling us to “Take calcium!” “Get exercise!” and of course, “Here’s a prescription drug!”

World Osteoporosis Day is October 20th, making it a perfect opportunity for me to share natural tools to help you build better bones today. And, for those who already have bone health problems, I have good news. There is a remarkably effective, natural way to help rebuild better bones!

I Am Indigenous

I Am Indigenous: My Journey with Whole World Botanicals.

Back to School. Back to Work. Back to Normal?

This fall, most students have left online classes behind, and have returned back to school. Meanwhile, more and more employees are being asked to ditch the Zoom meetings and get back to work – in person – at their offices and workplaces.

But even as we’re increasingly back to school and back to work, are we truly back to normal?

Autumn Airborne Allergies

Just when the humidity drops, the fall days are sunny, and the nights are chilly, the itch in my eyes would start driving me crazy. For many of us, pollen in the air and airborne substances like mold and pet dander cause the immune system to overreact… known simply as allergies!