Have You Heard of Desmodium?

The year 2020 changed the ways many of us work. Millions of us sit at our own desks in front of screens connected to our employer via the Internet. By 2025, estimates say 36.2 million Americans in the workforce will be working remotely.1 If you are one of those millions, like I am, you know that after just a few hours of working, eyes get strained and muscles can tense up. A larger screen helped my eyes, but regularly standing to stretch did not give lasting relief to my aching muscles. It’s common knowledge that frequent and long-term use of muscle relaxants and pain killers can damage the stomach and liver, not to mention that thousands of deaths in America each year are caused by their side effects. I needed something safe and effective to help me work more comfortably. I found a solution in Royal Desmodium™. Within 10 minutes of taking this supplement, I will audibly sigh as the tension leaves my muscles! It’s a wonderful physical feeling that lasts a good long time for me. If you or someone you know would like to experience that, read on…

A Holiday Message for 2021

Viana Muller and Elena Rojas-Martinez, Co-founders, and the entire staff of Whole World Botanicals, wish you a blessed holiday season and a new year filled with abundant health and prosperity.

Thanksgiving Letter 2021

Overeating and Thanksgiving dinner just seem to go together for so many of us. It is, after all, a feasting day with many side dishes. Lots of love is put into the food, as well as many hours of labor. When you are the host, you can add another course to the meal that will actually make it more enjoyable. (Or if you are a guest, you can take this item as a gift for your host.)

WWB Honors Indigenous Peoples’ Day

October 11th is Indigenous Peoples’ Day, and to commemorate this important day, we’d like to introduce you to our friends in the Shipibo community in Peru who supply our Cats Claw.

A Holiday Message for 2020