What is Camu-Camu?

Botanical Name: Myrciaria dubia

Camu-Camu is a non-citrus rainforest fruit that grows wild in the Amazon River Basin of Peru. Camu-Camu is the most potent food-sourced Vitamin C on the planet. In fact, Camu-Camu has 50 times the amount of Vitamin C as strawberries or oranges. The natural Vitamin C in Camu-Camu is 50 times as potent as synthetic Vitamin C.

Royal Camu® is standardized to 8-10% Natural Vitamin C Complex and powerful antioxidant flavonol glycosides, derived from the Camu-Camu fruit itself. This product comes in both powder and capsules.

Traditionally, Camu-Camu is used

  • As a food
  • As a pain reliever*
  • As a treatment for infection*
  • To promote long life*

Through Scientific Research, Camu-Camu has been shown to

  • Reduce oxidation (powerful antioxidant)*
  • Support the immune system*
  • Provide seasonal allergy relief*
  • Maintain healthy eyes, gums, and skin*
  • Help with depression and central nervous system issues*
  • Boost energy*
  • Help reduce white adipose tissue (fat)*
  • Provide support for the brain to optimize its own mood balancing chemistry*
  • Provide pain relief*