• Single-Source, IndigenousTM
  • Certified organic
  • Sustainably wildcrafted
  • Grown and harvested bioenergetically
  • Therapeutic strength — sold to doctors and healthcare practitioners
  • Manufactured in GMP-standard plant
  • Free of additives, excipients and flow agents
  • Not irradiated or chemically treated


A big secret of the U.S. natural products industry is that most of the herbal extracts it sells are actually manufactured in China. Whole World Botanicals has never made its products in China. The Royal Maca powder and Royal Camu powder have been manufactured by the same Peruvian partners for 20 years. All of our liquid extracts and our Royal Chanca Piedra capsules are manufactured in the U.S. under the strictest FDA standards. We demand accountability and consistent high quality in the production of our herbal products. We want to be able to walk through the plants, meet with the scientists and managers face-to-face and send product samples back and forth with ease. Our policy is to give employment to Americans, whenever it is possible.
Maca Bone & Hormone Maca Plus for Women Maca Menipause SHE Maca Perimeopause Maca VLB Maca Powder Chanca Kidney Chanca Tea Chanca Liver Graviola Dragons's Blood SHE Camu Light Camu Light Dark Camu Lucraco Super Royal Maca forMen Maca for Men Maca VLB Abuta Cat's Claw Liquid Cat's Claw Tea Desmodium Desmodium Tea Desmodium Muscle Desmodium Allergy Desmodium Liver