Natural Urinary System Support

What Helps Kidneys and Bladder Naturally?

Whole World Botanicals offers products based on botanicals that promote the health of the kidneys and the urinary tract, namely Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus spp) and Camu-Camu (Myrciaria dubia). Both of these botanicals help strengthen the immune system when infection is present.  But a word of caution: a bladder infection (cystitis) can turn into a kidney infection and a kidney infection can become chronic and even life-threatening.  It is important to be treated by a physician if infection is massive or persistent.  Repeated infections indicate a weakened immune system and this is where these botanicals can be very useful, taken on a daily basis.

How to Help the Kidneys

Some people are stone formers (especially in the kidneys).  Both a change in diet and a maintenance serving daily or almost daily of Chanca Piedra can be useful in maintaining kidney health. Chanca Piedra’s traditional usage of breaking up and expelling stones from the body is indicated by its popular name: “Chanca” which when translated means to “break up” and “Piedra” which means “Stone.”  Clinically, this botanical has proved to be helpful in dissolving calcium deposits in the heel (bone spurs) and in salivary glands, although there are no published studies on the use of Chanca Piedra for these two types of situations.

Reducing Pain from Gout

Gout, characterized by an excessive level of uric acid, is often an indication of the consumption of an overly rich diet (high in fat and sugar).  Both a dietary change and a daily or almost daily maintenance dose of Chanca Piedra can be useful in maintaining a healthy uric acid level in the body.  Once gout has taken hold– sharp calcium crystals have formed in the toe, an immediate and urgent dosage of Chanca Piedra for a couple of weeks can help dissolve these very painful crystals. Again, if this condition is recurrent, pronounced or persistent, a doctor’s diagnosis and treatment is indicated.

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