The health of the skeletal system is primarily affected by three factors:  diet, exercise and hormonal health.

Healthy Diet for Strong Bones
Good diet includes adequate food based sources of calcium such as leafy greens, beans, seeds, and dairy products.  Dairy products are mentioned last because the latest research suggests that the calcium from this type of food is not well absorbed.

Exercise Beneficial for Bone Health
Exercise, particularly weight bearing type is crucial for healthy bone maintenance.  Other factors in maintaining bone health include an adequate supply of food based vitamins and minerals which support healthy bones.

How Hormones Affect Bone Density
Finally, an adequate estrogen level in women and testosterone level in men is very important to avoid a faster rate of bone breakdown (bone resorption) as compared to new bone formation. Women in the latter phase of perimenopause typically suffer from estrogen deficiency and as a result develop osteopenia–the beginnings of bone loss.  A certain critical level of estrogen is needed to prevent the collagen structure of the bone from breaking down faster than new bone can be built back up.  Maca root (Lepidium meyenii) is the most important dietary supplement a woman can take to avoid osteopenia and maintain her bone health.

Whole World Botanicals has many products based on Maca root that has been shown in scientific studies to help the body increase its production of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1) which in turn helps raise the estrogen level in estrogen deficient women. It also stimulates the osteoblast bone cells to more quickly grow new bone to replace that which was lost.

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