Are You Miserable with Your Autumn Airborne Allergies?

Viana Muller, PhD

Just when the humidity drops, the fall days are sunny, and the nights are chilly, the itch in my eyes would start driving me crazy. For many of us, pollen in the air and airborne substances like mold and pet dander cause the immune system to overreact… known simply as allergies!

Many people, including me, have allergy symptoms in the fall. I get itchy, watery, burning eyes. Your fall allergies could also cause sneezing, coughing, a runny or stuffy nose, itchy skin, rashes and hives, wheezing, and dark circles under the eyes.

The Culprits: Ragweed and Leaf Mold
The most common trigger for your fall allergies is ragweed – which releases pollen when the days are warm and nights are cool, typically August through October.

But there’s another fall allergy hazard: those gorgeous red, orange, and yellow leaves. After they’ve fallen, they can get damp and grow “leaf mold.” When leaf mold spores go airborne, they become an unavoidable allergy trigger for many people.

The Disadvantages of Conventional Allergy Treatments
The conventional treatments for seasonal airborne allergies include nasal sprays, antihistamines, decongestants, and in some cases, immunotherapy injections (“allergy shots”) or tablets. However, these allergy treatments come with side effects and cautions. For example, decongestants and many nasal sprays aren’t recommended for long-term use. Some antihistamines also make you extremely drowsy, and some are unsuitable for people with high blood pressure. And conventional allergy treatment just doesn’t work that well for some people!

Like many of you, I prefer to avoid drug treatment and look for something natural that’s just as effective – without side effects. For fall allergies, Whole World Botanicals’ therapeutic products offer a multi-faceted, natural solution!

The 1-2 Punch of Botanicals
Together, two of our Whole World Botanicals products deliver a powerful 1-2 knockout punch to airborne allergies. Our therapeutic-grade Royal Desmodium Allergy-Lung Support – grown in the Peruvian rainforest – and Royal Camu ® – derived from Camu-Camu fruit native to the Amazon River basin – offer proven benefits for lung health and allergies.

Desmodium (botanical name Desmodium adscendens) is a rainforest plant native to South America, the Caribbean, and West Africa. In Jamaica, it’s called Strong Back herb, because it takes muscles out of spasm. In Peru, Desmodium is called Amor Seco or Pega Pega.


Desmodium has been a traditional remedy for allergies, bronchitis, cough, and asthma.1 Studies found on, the U.S. government’s database2 for medical and therapeutic herbal research have reported impressive therapeutic effects for Desmodium ascendans has impressive therapeutic effects. This botanical can reduce the amount of histamine produced by the body and the sensitivity of the bronchial passages to histamine. It also promotes relaxation of the bronchial tubes in spasm, and the free flow of air in the lungs and nasal passages, resulting in easier breathing.*3

Whole World Botanicals’ Royal Desmodium™ Allergy-Lung Support
Our Desmodium ascendens grows on Whole World Botanicals’ rainforest land and on the land of our local Peruvian neighbor. We are proud that our Desmodium – like all our Whole World Botanicals products – is never purchased from third-party ingredient suppliers. We single-source our botanicals directly from indigenous suppliers.

Our Royal Desmodium™ products are available as tea, capsules, and liquid extracts. For allergies, we recommend our fast-acting Royal Desmodium™ Allergy-Lung Support 1:1 liquid extract, made from equal amounts of plant material (Desmodium adscendens leaves) and the extracting agent (in this case, water). No other company in the U.S. offers such a potent extract of Desmodium. (You can learn more about our Royal Desmodium™ products at our website .)

Camu-Camu (botanical name Myrciaria dubia) is a non-citrus rainforest fruit that grows wild in the Amazon River Basin of Peru. The Camu-Camu fruit is the most potent food source of Vitamin C on the planet, with 50 times more Vitamin C than oranges, and twice the Vitamin C of acerola berries.

Camu-Camu berries

Vitamin C is well-established as an effective nutrient for allergy relief, by helping reduce inflammation and related symptoms at the site of an allergic reaction.4 But much more important is the fact that rather than blocking the histamine receptors, Vitamin C can reduce the amount of histamine your body produces.5

Clinical evidence and studies even suggest that the Vitamin C in the Camu-Camu fruit – with its unparalleled concentration of natural Vitamin C – is far more effective, milligram for milligram, than synthetic Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) found in most Vitamin C supplements.

Whole World Botanicals’ Royal Camu®
Our Whole World Botanicals’ Royal Camu® starts in the Amazon rain forest, where this large grape-sized fruit grows wild. Our Camu-Camu is picked just before the peak of ripeness when its Vitamin C content is highest.

Other brands of Camu-Camu claim they’re “high in Vitamin C,” but many don’t disclose the percentage of Vitamin C in their products. Also, most of those companies mix in very cheap – but not nearly as effective – synthetic ascorbic acid to artificially increase their Camu-Camu’s Vitamin C content. Our Royal Camu® products state the percentage of natural Vitamin C complex right on the label – from 8.5 to 10% Vitamin C at the time of manufacture. By comparison, oranges contain only 1% natural Vitamin C!

Most other brands of Camu-Camu predominantly contain the seeds of the fruit, which have almost no Vitamin C. Whole World Botanicals’ Royal Camu® powder and capsules contain potent, natural, Vitamin C-rich Camu-Camu fruit, with no seeds.

Whole World Botanicals offers two types of Camu-Camu: Royal Camu® Light and Royal Camu® Dark. The light version is flash frozen, and pink to beige in color. When thawed, it is liquified and mixed with organic maltodextrin to stabilize the amount of natural Vitamin C in the Royal Camu®. The dark version is prepared traditionally, by drying it for 20 hours with very low heat.

Whole World Botanicals’ Royal Camu® products come in both powder and capsule form.

How Much Should You Take?
We’ve had customers write to us saying that they successfully replaced their allergy relief products with Royal Camu®, which they found far more effective in helping them avoid allergy symptoms! Many take 3 capsules, 2 or 3 times a day. Others who need higher doses tend to prefer the powder, and will take one teaspoon, 2 or 3 times a day. Note: The large (100 gram) Royal Camu® Light powder has about 50 teaspoons. The large (74 gram) Royal Camu® Dark has about 37 teaspoons.

Other customers focus on symptom relief and take only the Royal Desmodium. The amount needed varies from person to person. As I mentioned, my worst fall allergy symptom is terribly itchy eyes. About 1 teaspoon of the Royal Desmodium Allergy-Lung Support fully relieves my eye discomfort for hours. If symptoms return later in the day, I’ll take a second evening dose.

Let Mother Nature Help You Fight the Battle Against Allergies!
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