SEPTEMBER, 2022 — This fall, most students have left online classes behind, and have returned back to school. Meanwhile, more and more employees are being asked to ditch the Zoom meetings and get back to work – in person – at their offices and workplaces.

But even as we’re increasingly back to school and back to work, are we truly back to normal?

Not quite! Virus infection rates are still high around the country. And don’t forget that the fall is also the traditional start of the cold and flu season. We are looking at what could be a perfect storm for your immune system this fall! (And that’s not even taking into account an issue we discussed in our last issue – fall allergies – which some of us are dealing with as well!)

This is why we’re excited to share our Immune Support Antiviral Trifecta with you. The Antiviral Trifecta features three of our most popular botanical products to help fight viruses.

Our Royal Camu™ supports and enhances your immune system function with high levels of vitamin C. Camu-Camu is the most potent food-sourced Vitamin C on the planet.*

Our Royal Cat’s Claw™ increases killer T-cell count, and helps increase macrophage cells, which gobble up viruses and other pathogens and strengthen immune support in two ways. Our Royal Cat’s Claw also supports the health of your intestinal system, where a whopping 60% of your immune system resides!*

Our Royal Desmodium Allergy/Lung™ helps dilate the bronchial tubes, promoting lung health and supporting easier breathing*

By starting our Antiviral Trifecta now, you can help protect and strengthen your immune system function on multiple levels, before you inevitably come into contact with colds, the flu, or other viruses. We suggest taking our recommended servings of the three products 1 or more times a day for the best possible maintenance of a strong immune system when you are exposed to multiple viral threats.

And, when a virus attacks, fight back right away by starting your botanical regimen pronto! We recommend taking the recommended servings 3 to 4 times a day when you have an active virus.

The Immune Support Trifecta bundle includes:

  • Royal Camu™ Light Powder, 32g
  • Royal Cat’s Claw™ Liquid Extract, 2 oz.
  • Royal Desmodium™ Allergy/Lung Liquid Extract, 2 oz.

Don’t let this fall’s viral invasion get in the way of getting back to normal! Fight back with the potent, effective Immune Support Botanical Antiviral Trifecta.

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