Give Dads the Gift of Wellness This Father’s Day

Viana Muller, Ph.D.

Father’s Day is around the corner, and it’s a time when our thoughts turn to finding the perfect gift for the amazing fathers in our lives, whether husbands or partners, fathers, step-fathers, or grandfathers.

The conventional wisdom is that men usually don’t take care of themselves, leaving it up to the women in their lives to ride herd on the health of the men they love. Interestingly, that’s no longer true! These days, more men are making the life-changing choice to follow their annual physical with changes to diet, fitness goals, and supplements. (A recent survey revealed that more than 40% of our Whole World Botanicals’ customers are men!)

This Father’s Day, instead of a tie, slippers, or tools, why not give the fathers in your life the gift of wellness? Dads will love getting the tools they really need: pure and potent Peruvian botanical supplements that can help resolve the common health challenges facing them at every stage of life!

Is Dad Lacking Energy and Losing His Spark?

Whether it’s new fathers, men in middle age, or senior men, it’s common for men to go through periods when they feel tired, low in mood, and lacking in desire.

Royal Maca® for Men is a natural, highly effective solution! It combines our potent and pure Peruvian Maca, grown organically in the high Andes of Peru, with zinc and Vitamin B6 to support reproductive and prostate health. Whole World Botanicals introduced Maca to the American market a quarter-century ago. Since then, our popular Royal Maca for Men, which promotes the health of all the endocrine glands, has helped men of all ages better balance their hormones, increase stamina and vitality, improve mood, and increase the passion quotient in the bedroom!

Does Dad Struggle with Frequent Urination and Prostate Issues?

Once men reach their fifties, it’s increasingly common for them to struggle with frequent urination, especially at night. As they age, some men even visit the bathroom every hour! It’s no wonder then that many Dads are exhausted – and so are their wives and partners!

One of the most common causes of these nighttime visits to the bathroom in men is an enlarged prostate, and this is where the Peruvian botanical Lucraco shines, helping balance urinary frequency and support prostate health and normal PSA levels. Whole World Botanicals’ Royal Lucraco Plus™ also adds our super-potent Royal Cat’s Claw™ for its anti-inflammatory benefits and ability to boost to your immune system.

Does Dad Have Muscle Aches and Pains After Working Out or Sports?

Whether he’s a weekend warrior scheduling racquetball with friends or 18 holes of golf, or a regular at his local gym or out on the jogging trail, Dads of all ages are increasingly physically active. And that means that there are lots of men nursing sore muscles after occasionally overdoing it!

Dads will love Royal Desmodium™ Muscle-Tendon Support. The popular name for Desmodium in the Caribbean is “Strong Back,” but it’s not just the back that benefits! Royal Desmodium helps relieve occasional tightness and soreness in all the muscles and tendons.

Scientific research also suggests that Royal Desmodium can help with inflammation, takes muscles out of spasm, speed the healing of injuries to the knees, shoulders, joints, and tendons, and promote easier breathing.

Does Dad Deal with Kidney, Bladder, Liver, or Gallbladder Problems?

Men of all ages are vulnerable to problems with their kidneys, bladder, liver, or gallbladder. There may be too much fat in their diet, getting in the way of healthy digestion. (Some Dads do love their pizza, ice cream, and burgers after all!) Or prostate changes and age inflame the bladder and kidneys.

Royal Chanca Piedra™ is a powerhouse botanical traditionally used to keep the kidneys, bladder, gallbladder, and liver in tip-top shape. It also supports healthy digestion – especially of fats – and helps keep his cholesterol, creatinine, and uric acid at healthy levels. Men can use Royal Chanca Piedra as an adjuvant therapy with a doctor’s knowledge and consent for a variety of diagnoses. With so many incredible health benefits, it’s no surprise that it’s a favorite of Whole World Botanicals’ male customers!

We Go Right to the Source!

When you buy Whole World Botanicals’ supplements, you have our guarantee that the products you are getting are organic or wildcrafted botanicals direct from Peru. As a socially-conscious company, we work with our Peruvian partners –Indigenous Peruvian growers, harvesters, and suppliers. You can be assured that the products you get are not only pure and authentic but Fair Trade and ethically sourced.