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Peruvian Flood Victims

WWB Helps Peruvian Flood Victims Peru is having torrential rains and widespread flooding this year. People have died from avalanche or drowning, 115,000+ homes have been destroyed, and many families are living in tent cities. According to the United Nations, 3 million Peruvians are at risk for diseases—especially children—due to dirty, contaminated water. As part […]

Water Filters for Puerto Rico

Dear Beloved Whole World Botanicals Community, We have all seen the aftermath of destruction caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico on every news channel across America. The storm pushed the island’s 3.4 million American citizens into a desperate humanitarian crisis. Nearly every home across the island at one point was without power, clean water, […]

Amazon Deforestation

Alarming New Threat Posed to Amazon Rainforest – Source of Most of WWB’s Botanicals Columbia’s Amazon has become a wild west for environmental destruction. Criminal loggers and coca growers are swarming in and destroying everything in their path! The area of deforestation jumped 44% in 2016 to 178,597 hectares (660 square miles) compared to the […]