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A Holiday Message for 2023

We have chosen the king of the Peruvian rainforest as the vehicle for our holiday message—the Yanapuma, or Black Jaguar—who adorns the front cover of a new book of poetry, Poems by Elena de Nazca. This unique book of magnificent poems is by Elena Rojas Martinez, a cofounder of Whole World Botanicals.

Facts About DIM and Men’s Health

Several classes of chemical compounds that naturally occur in fruits and vegetables possess anticarcinogenic properties. The cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage and broccoli are particularly rich sources of such compounds, including Indole derivatives [indole-3-carbinol (I3C) and indole-3-acetonitrile], dithilthiones, and isothiocyanates. Increased consumption of cruciferous vegetables is associated with reduced tumor incidents in humans and experimental […]

Royal Desmodium Provides Superior Relief of Minor and Occasional Back Pain by Taking Muscles Out of Spasm

Desmodium (Desmodium adscendens), a rainforest plant native to Peru, Jamaica, Central America, and West Africa is also called “Strong Back Herb” in Jamaica for its ability to relieve back pain and neck pain. Royal Desmodium™ takes all muscles out of spasm – including the smooth muscles of the lungs (useful in asthma attacks) and the […]

Cold and Flu have nothing on you with Royal Camu!

Strengthening your immune system is essential in weathering the winter and is an even bigger priority now, as we’re facing the triple threat of colds, flu, and other viruses. As if this year needed any more drama, contracting one illness could potentially leave us vulnerable to catching others.

We’re in the middle of an invisible battle and it’s critical to level-up a defensive strategy. By being proactive and following a consistent plan we can ensure our front-line soldiers (our immune cells) are well-nourished and can go the distance.

While hot soups, citrus fruits, or synthetic Vitamin C are some of the most common go-to’s, there is a holistic, formidable ally you may not be aware of Camu Camu.