Peruvian Flood Victims

Peruvian Flood Victims

WWB Helps Peruvian Flood Victims

Peru is having torrential rains and widespread flooding this year. People have died from avalanche or drowning, 115,000+ homes have been destroyed, and many families are living in tent cities. According to the United Nations, 3 million Peruvians are at risk for diseases—especially children—due to dirty, contaminated water.

As part of our social mission to give back to Peru, the home country of our botanicals, Whole World Botanicals has partnered with Water With Blessings and the Daughters of Charity of St. Vincent de Paul, to help empower Peruvian women to provide clean water to their hard-hit communities, and prevent disease and deaths from waterborne illnesses.

Please watch our 2-minute video below for the whole story.

Will you please help us and our partners? Every donation helps bring more clean water to the Peruvians who need it most right now?