“The men are just as fascinated as the women in exploring for the first time how well and quickly a solar oven works to cook their food in their high Andean home, with abundant sunshine”

Whole World Botanicals collaborates with our organic farming and wildcrafting partners in the rainforest and the Andes to support not only green farming but also green living. Maca growers live and farm their organic maca crops at 14,000 feet above sea level which is above the tree line. People living there suffer from the cold because they have no heating fuel. They cook their food by burning animal dung which produces an acrid, smoky fire and blackens their lungs.

Two years ago, the Company initiated a pilot solar energy project with maca-growing communities to demonstrate solar cookers and provided a workshop on building a solar space to heat their homes. The excitement that was generated by this project was tremendous to obtain solar cookers and provide a home solar space. As a next step, WWB plans to set up its own non-profit organization in order to accept help from its customers and others in fully implementing our environmental and social justice mission.