Peruvian Botanicals: The Secret to a Healthy Weight

by Viana Muller, Ph.D.

I’m the first to admit that although I eat a mostly organic diet, avoid bread, and haven’t eaten four-legged animals in more than 40 years, I am not a poster child for healthy eating. I love ice cream, carrot cake, macaroni and cheese, and rich lemon tarts from our local French bakery. (And don’t get me started on pizza!) I’m usually successful at pulling back from these delicious foods, but not always! They are, after all, some of life’s most delightful pleasures!

With three out of four Americans today classified as overweight, I’m not the only one to overindulge or periodically face the challenge of losing weight. That’s why I’d like to tell you about three extraordinary Peruvian botanicals in our Whole World Botanicals product line – Royal Abuta Plus™, Royal Maca®, and Royal Chanca Piedra™ – and how you can make them part of your healthy weight loss plan.

Royal Abuta Plus™ Helps Balance Blood Sugar and Reduce Cravings!

Royal Abuta Plus™ includes three synergistic botanicals: Abuta (Curarea tecunarum), Pasuchaca leaf (Geranium dielsianum), and Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratus).

The star ingredient, Abuta, is a woody vine from the rainforests of Peru. Traditionally, Abuta has been used to support a healthy blood sugar level and decrease cravings for sweets.* There are many plants called “Abuta” in the Peruvian rainforest. We believe we use the most potent one: Curarea tecunarum. It’s also the most difficult to locate in the forest, and we are taking steps to initiate wildcrafting cultivation to ensure our harvesting is sustainable.

Royal Abuta Plus™ also includes Lemon Grass, which helps you digest the Abuta. Studies show that the citral in Lemon Grass helps reduce blood sugar, maintain optimum insulin levels, and improve glucose tolerance.*

Pasuchaca leaf is a mountain herb from the lower Andes traditionally used to slow carbohydrate digestion and lower blood sugar. Studies have found that Pasuchaca can improve your gut microbiome by significantly increasing “good” probiotic bacteria and reducing harmful bacteria.*

In 2001, Whole World Botanicals sponsored a clinical study of Royal Abuta Plus™. This study was groundbreaking because it evaluated the effectiveness of Royal Abuta Plus™ in humans, not animals. Working with a Peruvian research team, we studied 19 people with type 2 diabetes who had out-of-control fasting blood sugar levels ranging from 160 to 260. None took insulin, but they all took medication for type 2 diabetes.

The participants continued taking their prescription medication and added one capsule of Royal Abuta Plus™ twice daily, with breakfast and lunch. The participants were asked not to change or improve their regular diet, which included sweet coffee, bread and fruit for breakfast, white rice, potatoes, and meat – with vegetables as a garnish for their “almuerzo” – the main meal of the day, as well as frequently participating in birthday parties!

At the end of the eight-week study, the people taking Royal Abuta Plus™ saw dramatically reduced blood sugar levels – with fasting levels under 120 – without any changes in their diet. We have since learned that many people can handle taking two capsules twice daily with meals for faster results. Consult your physician if you are already on prescription medication.

The study – plus two decades of client testimonials – demonstrate that Royal Abuta Plus™ helps lower blood sugar, maintain healthy insulin levels, improve glucose tolerance, and improve healthy carbohydrate metabolism.* An added benefit: Royal Abuta Plus™ reduces cravings for sugar and carbs! And that’s why I’m sharing this information with you, in case you are hoping to take off a few pounds.

Royal Maca® Supports Pancreatic Health

When we introduced Maca root (Lepidium meyenii/peruvianum) almost 30 years ago, we had no idea it could be effective for weight loss and blood sugar balance. The available studies focused on male sexual function or animal fertility, and I hadn’t heard of any naturopathic doctors in Peru using Maca for weight challenges. After experiencing an easy menopause thanks to therapeutic-quality Peruvian Maca, I concentrated on Maca’s benefits for perimenopausal and menopausal women.

In the early years, we promoted Maca at many consumer natural health expos, sharing the news about this extraordinary cruciferous root vegetable that – unlike any other vegetable, fruit, or food plant – can change your hormone levels without your taking hormones. At that time, I was carefully documenting Royal Maca’s® effect on hot flashes and other peri/menopausal symptoms in our early customers. When women taking Royal Maca® called to reorder, I always asked them how it worked. They’d sometimes say, “Yes, it helped a lot!” At that point, I’d ask follow-up questions like What were your symptoms before? “How soon did you notice improvements?” How much did you take?” I focused on getting information about Maca’s effects on menopausal symptoms. But customers were changing the subject! “Since I started taking your Maca, I don’t have any chocolate cravings anymore!” And, “I think I’m starting to lose weight,” or “I lost a few pounds!” I was surprised and pleased but didn’t yet understand how Maca was working to affect weight loss.

Then, in 2004, we had a eureka moment! The Albany Medical College released results of animal studies on Maca root and reported that phytochemicals in Maca stimulate the liver to make more insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-I). Increased IGF-1 levels, in turn, affect the entire endocrine system – including the pancreas. (It’s important to note that Maca root lowers blood sugar levels only in people with a high blood sugar level.  It’s adaptogenic in that respect. In people with hypoglycemia, it helps raise blood sugar to normal levels.)

We also saw the opposite effect: women who were taking too much Maca. Because Royal Maca® is very dose-dependent, you can gain a bit of weight when you take too much. Weight gain is a sign that you are taking too much, which we know even without testing your estrogen level.

Finding an ideal dosage is the only challenge in taking Royal Maca®. The key is paying close attention to your symptoms. If you notice undesirable side effects, stop taking Royal Maca® for a day or two. Then resume at the lower dosage you were taking before the symptoms started.


Healthy Weight Bundle

The combination of botanicals in Royal Abuta Plus™, Royal Maca®, and Royal Chanca Piedra™ is remarkable. These botanicals help offset the effects of overconsumption of carbohydrates and eating too quickly, curb sugar and carb cravings, support pancreatic health, and normalize blood sugar and insulin levels, which research demonstrates can lead to weight loss and decreased fat mass! You’ll find it easier to get to the “sweet spot” when fat storage shifts to fat burning – and you lose weight!

Could you use help overcoming obstacles to healthy weight loss? Whole World Botanicals has combined these three powerhouse botanicals into our Healthy Weight Bundle – featuring Royal Abuta Plus™ capsules, Royal Maca® Vitality-Libido-Balance capsules, and Royal Chanca Piedra™ Liver-Gall Bladder Support capsules. Don’t miss out on this secret weapon for a healthy weight!


The regular price for the Healthy Weight Bundle is $107.71, but in January, your new you doesn’t have to break the bank. Throughout the month, and get 20% off the 3-product set for the discounted online price of $86.17, a savings of more than $20!

An Important Note: Please remember that these botanicals aren’t meant to replace medication, and we make no claims that our botanicals prevent, treat, or cure diseases. But, by supporting healthy blood sugar, pancreatic function, and fat digestion, our botanicals can help your efforts to achieve a healthy weight!

Dosing Information: Information about how to use each product is located under “Suggested Usage” on our website:

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