What is the difference between Light and Dark Royal Camu ®?


Light Royal Camu® Characteristics

  • Spray-dried with non-GMO maltodextrin
    • Reason: the organic maltodextrin helps to stabilize and maintain high natural Vitamin C level in powder
  • Natural color from the berry varies from pink to light green and is preserved in the spray-drying process
  • Tastes good — a little tart
  • Guaranteed high Vitamin C from Camu pulp for 2.5 years
  • Contains high natural quantity of flavonol glycosides-very important antioxidants

Dark Royal Camu® Characteristics

  • Slow dried in an oven and ground into a powder
  • Tastes sour and a little bitter
  • Natural Vitamin C content degrades more quickly
  • Contains no stabilizing additives
  • Most dark Camu-Camu products are mostly seed — no Vitamin C in the seed. Makes the product cheap to produce. Royal Dark Camu® has no seeds.
  • Contains even higher quantity of flavonol glycosides than is contained in the Royal Camu® Light powder
  • Very popular with people preferring “all natural” above all other considerations