Royal Maca ® for Menopause – Vaginal Dryness Pain Relieved

“This product has been a real lifesaver!!!! I experienced agonizing vaginal dryness for well over a year. Sex was completely out of the question. Much to my (and my husband’s) dismay, nothing seemed to work. Estrogen cream and/or hormone replacement was not an option for me (too many risks/potential side effects). After tweaking the Royal Maca® dosages a few times, I FINALLY experienced relief and have not had pain or intense discomfort for years –not one bit of discomfort. Not only has my quality of life resumed, but my menstrual cycle has been regular for the first time in my life! Royal Maca® has done wonders!”

Dorothy H.

If you are searching for a natural health supplement to help with depression, mood swings, or menopausal cramps, Maca may help. Our therapeutic botanicals are produced with much stronger extracts than other brands, and they have a guaranteed potency — which is rare in the market.
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About Whole World Botanical

Since 1995 customers have counted on Whole World Botanicals for natural health supplements that improve their health and active lifestyles.  Our Peruvian-grown therapeutic botanicals are used for a wide range of wellness. Maca helps with depression, mood swings, and menopausal cramps, and also promotes hormone replacement, vitality, energy, stamina, and health in women and men. Because of our superior processing techniques, our products have maximum potency and are used by health care professionals throughout the U.S.  Some of our most popular natural health supplements are Maca, Chanca Piedra, Camu – Camu, Cat’s Claw, Desmodium, Graviola, Lucraco, Abuta, and Dragon’s Blood.