More Comfort and Joy, Less Holiday Stress and Blues with Botanicals

Viana Muller, PhD

Behind the smiling faces in holiday photos, there’s often a very different story. If you’re like me, you’re shopping, decorating, cooking, entertaining, and traveling – and all these demands are on top of working. It’s no surprise that we end up feeling stressed and exhausted.

The holidays are also a time when feelings of loss are heightened, as we remember people we’ve lost physically and people we’ve lost emotionally. The season of joy can end up becoming a season of sadness or depression for some.

There’s a bright star in the darkness, however. Botanicals are a gift of physical and emotional well-being that we can give ourselves. While they can’t change our life situations, they have powerful mood balancing, stress relieving, and health benefits.

I’d like to share with you some of the Whole World Botanicals products that can put true comfort and joy back into your holidays this year!

Royal Camu ® (Camu Camu)

Our best mood-balancing botanical – Royal Camu ® – can put a genuine smile on your face. Why we love it:

  1. Taking Royal Camu® powder or capsules twice a day away from food helps boost mood and relieve anxiety quickly – usually within a few hours, and 24 hours at most!
  2. You don’t need a doctor’s prescription for Royal Camu ®.
  3. As a food supplement, Royal Camu® is safe, with no dangerous side effects.
  4. Royal Camu® is inexpensive.

And there’s another major benefit. The more stressed, exhausted, and emotionally depleted we feel, the more susceptible we become to colds, flu, and viruses. These are the unwanted guests lurking at every holiday gathering and busy airport. Royal Camu® provides powerful immune support that helps you ward off winter infections.

*Note: If you are already taking a prescription antidepressant, talk to your doctor about reducing your antidepressant while you gradually add Royal Camu®

Royal Desmodium ™

Royal Desmodium ™ has a noticeably relaxing effect on the body, quickly helping you feel less stressed on an emotional level. Our bodies and minds are connected, so anxiety and fatigue often go straight to our muscles, leaving us with tightness and pain in the temples, neck, shoulders, back, and stomach. Again, reach for Royal Desmodium™, which can help relax those tense muscles and relieve muscle pain.

If you practice yoga or breathwork, you are aware that your breathing has a profound effect on both your body and your mind. Stress can make us breathe more shallowly. Royal Desmodium™ promotes the free flow of air in the lungs and nasal passages and relaxes your breathing, quickly helping you feel calmer.

Royal Maca ®

Maca is prized for its hormone-balancing ability, but traditionally, Maca is also a popular remedy to support mood balance, energy, and stamina. In the Sierra region of Peru, it has always been used to help people recover their strength after an illness and it’s also a botanical to help older people keep their vitality. There’s no better way to get the benefits of authentic Peruvian Maca than our potent, therapeutic-grade, organic, sun-dried, cooked Royal Maca ® products.

It’s easy to incorporate Royal Maca® into your holidays. Just add our Royal Maca® powder to your morning smoothie or cereal or enjoy the convenience of our Royal Maca® capsules. Expect to feel its effects on your mood in no more than 5 days. Remember, finding the right dose (serving size) of Royal Maca® and regularity in taking it are critical factors in enjoying its benefits.

I recently spoke with my friend Jackie, who was getting ready for an extended holiday visit with her family in Nicaragua. When I asked her how the packing for her long trip was going, she casually remarked, “I’m taking lots of Royal Maca® with me. It’s a great support when I’m traveling, and I expect to be sharing it with others. Royal Maca® boosts my energy and makes me feel more stable and resilient!”

Royal Chanca Piedra ™

Overindulging in rich foods and drinks during the holidays can leave you feeling uncomfortably full and tired. If you consume too much alcohol, of course, you may start feeling really run-down. It’s a perfect storm for holiday discomfort. Royal Chanca Piedra ™ – available in pleasant-tasting tea, liquid extract, and capsule forms – will soothe your stomach, support healthy digestion, and give you much-needed help digesting fatty foods.

Royal Chanca Piedra™ also has another benefit: it works rapidly when you most need it. One of our customers told me that she always keeps a bottle of Royal Chanca Piedra™ Liver-Gall Bladder Support liquid extract in her purse during the holidays. After she overdoes it at a holiday meal or party, she takes 30 drops of the handy extract. In minutes, her stomach is settled, and she’s comfortable again, and ready to rejoin the festivities.

Royal Cat’s Claw ™

Finally, eating too many sweets – which many of us tend to do during the holidays – can affect bowel regularity. And it’s hard to have any holiday spirit when you feel uncomfortable around the middle of your body!

Among its many benefits, our potent, therapeutic-grade Royal Cat’s Claw ™ tea and liquid extract offer powerful support for your digestion and elimination. And because Royal Cat’s Claw™ is a potent immune-booster, it’s also one of the best supplements to fight viruses.

One of our customers recently wrote to me with her story. She reported that frequently during the holidays, she would get tingling and pain that signals the imminent arrival of an unsightly cold sore on her lip. “In the past, even after taking prescription antiviral drugs and using fancy ointments, I would still get an ugly cold sore, and it always took at least a week to heal. Now, I dose up on Royal Cat’s Claw™ extract at the first sign of a cold sore. The next day, the tingling and pain are gone, and the best part is that I never develop an actual cold sore anymore.

Whatever holidays you’re celebrating and special gatherings you’re attending this December, my wish for you is that with Whole World Botanicals in your life you’ll be blessed with a happier, healthier, more relaxing holiday season, filled with comfort and joy!