Cat’s Claw and Immune Health
By Viana Muller, PhD

Cat’s Claw and Immune Health

The microbiome – the combination of bacteria, fungi, and viruses living in our gut and intestines – is not just about gut health. About 70 percent of our immune response takes place in the microbiome. There, Cat’s Claw’s unique combination of alkaloids and antioxidants enhance the microbiome’s ability to fight harmful pathogens that cause discomfort and prevent optimal digestion, as well as infections.

Cutting-edge research has shown Cat’s Claw has significant benefits as a nutritional therapy to support healthy immune function in people with viral infections, including influenza, HIV, and even AIDS, as well as some bacterial infections. Cat’s Claw is even being studied as a potential treatment for COVID-19. (Citation:

Mary S., a long-time customer and fan of our company’s Royal Cat’s Claw ™ tincture, reports that, after being consistently disappointed by prescription antiviral drugs, she now reaches for Cat’s Claw whenever she feels a viral cold sore developing. The good news: her cold sores disappear overnight!*