Cat’s Claw and Cardiovascular Health & Inflammation
By Viana Muller, PhD

Cat’s Claw and Cardiovascular Health

In the U.S., heart disease is the leading cause of death, and a major cause of disability in millions of Americans. Again, Cat’s Claw shines! In various studies, Cat’s Claw has been shown to help reduce the risk of blood clots and stroke, reduce blood pressure, and improve circulation.* (Citation:

Research also shows that regular use of Cat’s Claw can promote cardiovascular health by reducing C-reactive protein (CRP), an inflammatory marker. CRP can predict adverse cardiovascular events, including heart attack and stroke, and is also considered a marker for plaque buildup and clots in our arteries.* (Citation:

Cat’s Claw and Inflammation

The anti-inflammatory properties of Cat’s Claw also have an impact on a variety of inflammatory conditions, including upper respiratory infections, allergies, and the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and bursitis. In his book Vibrational Healing, Richard Gerber, MD said that Cat’s Claw “shows great promise for the treatment of arthritis.”

Nicole Maxwell, a renowned pioneer of botanical research, learned about Cat’s Claw from indigenous healers in Peru. In her book Witch Doctor’s Apprentice (healers and shamans were referred to colloquially as “witch doctors” at that time), Maxwell wrote about a dual cancer/arthritis patient. “I learned that a man whose lung cancer was cured by uña de gato had, after continuing dosage, found that he could walk normally and even climb stairs, even though for years he had been badly crippled by arthritis…Could it be that this plant might perhaps be giving a tremendous boost to the immune system? I couldn’t think of any other way of examining the diversity of its effects, its ability to eliminate so many problems that, as far as my limited knowledge let me guess, appeared to have only one thing in common: they were all degenerative diseases…*”

Knowledgeable holistic veterinarians are even recommending smaller doses of Cat’s Claw for pets. One of our favorite testimonials came from Amelia R. “I only trust Whole World Botanicals to produce unadulterated products. As much Royal Cat’s Claw™ as we drink here, that’s important. Even my dog gets the tea in his gravy to reverse his arthritic leg pain and he is starting to walk normally again. Thank you for the work you are doing!”