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A look at South American Medicinal Herbs and Hormonal Health: An Interview with Dr. Viana Muller

In this interview with Mary Shomon at the About.com Thyroid site, Dr. Viana Muller discusses South American medicinal herbs from the rain forest and Andes, and their use in supporting hormonal health.

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break stone herb

Break-stone Herb

Chanca Piedra (Phyllanthus niruri) is an Amazon rain forest plant, traditionally used for kidney stones, gall stones, liver, bladder and pancreas problems.

camu camu

Camu Camu

(Myrciaria dubia) is a plant native to the South American rainforest. Its dehydrated pulp contains more Vitamin C than any other botanical (180-250mg) per teaspoon. Rich in bioflavanoids.

cat's claw

Cat’s Claw

(Uncaria tomentosa) in Spanish called Una de Gato, is a plant native to the montaa part of the Peruvian rainforest, traditionally used for intestinal and prostate problems, for lung function, and to enhance the immune system.


Desmodium Adscendens

Desmodium adscendens has been utilized traditionally by native peoples to promote a healthy liver, healthy respiratory function (lungs) and for relief of minor and occasional pain in muscles and tendons and joints.



Graviola (Annona-muricata) The graviola or guanabana tree is an evergreen tree which grows to about 15 feet in height throughout the hot tropical areas of South and Central America and the Caribbean and is best known for its sour but tasty fruit. The tree has dark green, glossy leaves which are traditionally made into a medicinal tea. The botanical name is Annona muricata. A related species is the North American paw-paw tree, which has recently been shown by scientific research to share the same medicinal properties of its Southern cousin. Used as part of the daily diet it helps maintain a healthy blood pressure.



Lucraco (Waltheria ovata) Contains Lucraco (Waltheria ovata) and Cat’s Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) alcohol-based extract with vegetable glycerin added. One serving = one teaspoon of pleasant-tasting syrup. Supports healthy prostate and uro-genital function from time immemorial …

dragons blood

Royal Dragons Blood

Royal Dragons Blood Sangre de Dragon, more commonly know as Dragon’s Blood, is a wild crafted resin that comes from the Croton Uechleri trees found in the Amazon Rainforest of South America.