Do you want to know more about Whole World Botanicals’ products -where they come from, how potent they are, how they are prepared and how they can benefit you? Are you curious about other WWB products that you have not yet tried? Would you like to share herbal information with your friends and family? Do you want to know more about the company behind WWB’s products? Would you like to find WWB products that you didn’t know about that can address your health issues?

Are you a health practitioner in need of an easy-to-understand resource to provide information to your clients?

Find the answers in this 32-page, full color catalog!

What is inside?

  • Table of Contents: lists body’s organs and symptoms supported by WWB products
  • A full listing of all WWB products with full-color photos
  • Botanical names of each plant used in WWB products
  • Potency of herbal extracts and ingredient lists disclosed
  • Suggested serving sizes
  • Guidance on finding the right products for you and your family
  • Descriptions of WWB’s exciting social mission projects
  • The story behind this women-owned company’s founders
  • In-depth guide to using Royal Maca ® for hormone balance

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