Estrogen imbalance may begin to surface when your daughter is a teenager. Girls with a high cortisol level (perhaps related to stress) are likely to produce a high level of inflammatory estrogen. This may cause severe menstrual cramps. Maca root from the Andes and the Camu-Camu berry from the Amazon river basin have been shown to support hormone imbalances. Maca root can help her body make a healthy type of estrogen and Camu-Camu can help her cope with the stress, reducing the level of cortisol in her body. The product called “SHE” from Whole World Botanicals puts these two superfoods together.

If your daughter suffers from severe menstrual cramps, help her achieve better hormonal balance by suggesting that she take one to four capsules daily of  SHE, a natural, effective hormone-balancing product containing a fruit and a vegetable.