A Company With an Active Social Mission

Whole World Botanicals is unique because we have cultivated personal relationships with our herbal growers and collectors and carry out an active social mission with them. Our continued efforts include the following:

  • For over 20 years Whole World Botanicals has helped eliminate extreme poverty in the most disparaged Peruvian communities.
  • Distributed 1000 notebooks and 2000 pencils to children in the settlements along the Curaray River.
  • Initiated a pilot Solar Energy Project with Maca-growing communities to implement solar cookers and provide workshops on building solar space to heat their homes
  • Whole World Botanicals is currently partnering with Water with Blessings to help Camu-Camu collectors secure clean water for their families.

Our Current Social Missions

Our Previous Social Missions

2016 WWB New Year’s Card

The founders of Whole World Botanicals wish you a healthy, purposeful, joyous and peaceful New Year!

Curaray River Villagers Create Clean Water

Water With Blessings works to equip, empower and entrust MOTHERS as agents of clean water and compassion for their children and their communities...

WWB Meets with Leaders in Communities of Camu-Camu Collectors

Viana Muller, co-founder of Whole World Botanicals, visiting the Apu (head man) of the settlement to find out what kind of help their settlement needs the most.

WWB Supports & Promotes Bio-energetic Agriculture

Whole World Botanicals' herbs are bioenergetically grown and harested...

A Hands on Approach – WWB works directly with native people

"In the high Andes, Dr. Viana Muller helps bring in the maca harvest."

Sunroom (Greenhouse) Solar Energy Project

During the dry season the daytime temperature rises to 70° F. and drops to below freezing at night...