In powder form, Royal Maca® has a distinctive, good taste — malty and nutty at the same time.

Royal Maca® powder is not sensitive to heat, so you can sprinkle it on cereal, hot or cold.  You can add hot water and make a tea out of it (even add milk and honey, if you like). We hear it is delightful added to coffee!

Other delicious liquids to mix with Royal Maca® include almond milk, organic soy milk, coconut milk, apple juice, cranberry juice, or pineapple juice.

Because we do not add any excipients or flow agents, you will find the powder mixes best in a shaker cup or blender.

Royal Maca® powder can also be added to salad dressing, put on salads, mixed with soup, or added to foods. We have one customer who added it to guacamole and called it “Maca-mole!”

Caution: Just be certain to measure the powder carefully because Royal Maca® powder is therapeutic grade, meaning it is potent!