Royal Desmodium provides superior Relief of (minor and occassional) back pain by taking muscles out of spasm

Desmodium adscendens, a rainforest plant native to Peru, Jamaica, Central America and West Africa is called “Strong Back Herb” in Jamaica for its ability to relieve back pain and neck pain. Royal Desmodium takes all muscles out of spasm—including the smooth muscles of the lungs (useful in asthma attacks) and the smooth muscles of the uterus –helpful for menstrual cramps. It also promotes a healthy inflammation response and speeds healing of injuries to knees, shoulders and other joints and tendons of the body. Most of the research on this herb has been performed in Ghana and it is a well known West African herb. In Peru it is known as Amor Seco or Pega Pega.

To read about some of the scientific studies related to Desmodium adscendens and its effects on muscles, airways, and the liver, CLICK here.

There is wrong information on the Internet which claims that Desmodium adscendens is also known as Manayupa.  Manayupa is the common name for Desmodium molliculum, which grows in the Andes – and which is often confused with its stronger more effective rainforest “cousin”—Desmodium adscendens.   Desmodium molliculum does not take muscles out of spasm in the dramatic way that Desmodium adscendens does.  Since Whole World Botanicals began offering this herb to our customers, Royal Desmodium has become famous in certain circles of martial artists and body builders who seem to frequently injure themselves!

Here is what one of our customers has had to say about his experience with Royal Desmodium Strong Back Support.

“I have always been a very athletic person. Over the years, I have suffered a lot of sports injuries. Now when I play racquetball, I get a lot of knee pain and it takes me about a week to recover. A few months ago, my wife got me to try Whole World Botanicals’ Royal Desmodium Strong Back Support™. I take 2 squirts three times a day the day I play and within 36 hours, my knees feel fine!” *

–Mari B., Miami, Florida, age 29