Royal Desmodium (1:1) Liquid Extract 2 Oz

Royal Desmodium Liquid Extract

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Royal Desmodium™ Liquid Extract
Botanical Name: Desmodium adscendens
Desmodium adscendens, a rainforest plant native to South America and West Africa, is the single ingredient in all Royal Desmodium™ products. To highlight its various uses, it is available under four different labels and in a loose tea form.


  • Relief of allergy symptoms (anti-histamine and anti-anaphylactic shock)*
  • Fast-acting dilation of bronchial tubes*
  • Easier breathing for lung issues, including asthma and COPD*
  • Free flow of air in lungs and nasal passages*
  • Healthy liver function*
  • Liver enzyme level regulation*
  • Relief of chronic low back  and tendon pain*
  • Relaxing tight, cramped muscles*
  • Traumatic injury recovery (sports, car accident, etc.)*
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