LUCRACO (Waltheria ovata)

LUCRACO (Waltheria ovata) is a plant used both as a food and in traditional medicine by the rural population who live in the coastal desert of Peru. Lucraco roots traditionally are boiled in water with sugar. It is then thoroughly chilled and served with meals as a healthy beverage. Lucraco has been used from time immemorial for nutritional support for the urinary tract and the prostate gland.* The root contains the active principles, which include tannins, leucoantocianidines, saponines and free phenenolic groups.

The recommended serving varies according to each situation, but on average the serving can be one tsp. three times a day (every 8 hours) away from food, for a period of one month. This can be followed by a maintenance dose of one teaspoon once or twice a day (away from food) for 10 days of each month, or as prescribed by a health care practitioner.

Another suggested usage is simply as nutritional support for continued good prostate-urinary tract health in men older than 45, who can take five ml.(one teaspoon) twice a day for 10 days of each month.

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