How to Have Happy, Healthy Holidays

Viana Muller Ph.D.

It’s winter and the holidays are approaching. That means the kids are bringing all sorts of colds and viruses home with them from school. It’s so busy at work that even when your coworkers clearly should stay home sick, they often come in anyway. Everyone’s piling into planes, trains, buses, and cars for holiday travel. Shopping, holiday parties, and family get-togethers put us all together – in close proximity.

Winter is the traditional cold, flu, and virus season. Add in the stress of a never-ending holiday to-do list, travel, and an overbooked schedule, and your immune system is working overtime. Staying well becomes an uphill challenge!

This is why we’re so pleased to offer you a discount on our Immune Support Antiviral Trifecta. The Antiviral Trifecta features three of our most popular botanical products to help you stay well this winter – and anytime!

Our Royal Camu™ supports and enhances your immune system function with high levels of natural vitamin C complex. Camu-Camu fruit is the most potent food-sourced Vitamin C on the planet, with 50 times the Vitamin C of an orange.*

Our Royal Cat’s Claw™ increases killer T-cell count and helps increase macrophage cells, which gobble up viruses and other pathogens. Royal Cat’s Claw strengthens and bolsters your immune system, and also supports the health of your intestinal system, where a whopping 60% of your immune system resides!*

Our Royal Desmodium™ Allergy/Lung Support is a godsend during flu and cold season, relieving stuffy nasal passages and helping you cough up phlegm from your lungs. It helps dilate your bronchial tubes, which supports easier breathing.*

By starting our Immune Support Antiviral Trifecta right now, you can help protect and strengthen your immune system function before you inevitably come into contact with colds, the flu, or other viruses this holiday season. We suggest taking our recommended servings of the three products 1 or more times a day for the best possible maintenance of a strong immune system in the face of multiple viral threats.

And, when a virus does attack, fight back — the sooner the better — by ramping up your botanical regimen by taking the recommended servings 3 to 4 times a day.

Our Immune Support Antiviral Trifecta includes:

  • Royal Camu™ Light Powder, 32g
  • Royal Cat’s Claw™ Liquid Extract, 2 oz.
  • Royal Desmodium™ Allergy/Lung Liquid Extract, 2 oz.

Don’t let winter colds, flu, and viruses get in the way of your good cheer this holiday season. Get fast symptom relief, and give your immune system a daily boost with the potent, effective Immune Support Antiviral Trifecta!