This month we are featuring for you our Royal Chanca Piedra™ product. Traditionally, this botanical has been used for toxic liver, hepatitis, excess uric acid, gall bladder stones and kidney stones.* Read below to discover the many health benefits this botanical has to offer you and those you love.

Royal Chanca Piedra™

formerly Royal Break-Stone™ (same great product with a new name)

The name “Chanca Piedra,” means “to break up stones” in Quechua and Spanish. Royal Chanca Piedrat contains a variety of Phyllanthus species and is sold under two labels, one for liver-gall bladder and the other for kidney-bladder, to better highlight how it works in the body. The contents of the bottles and the benefits listed below are the same for both product labels. This botanical product is also available in a loose tea form.

Royal Chanca Piedra™ Kidney-Bladder Support


  • Optimal kidney function*
  • Bladder and healthy urination*
  • Healthy uric acid level*

Scientific studies show Phyllanthus niruri inhibits production of aldose reductase, an enzyme that is elevated in people with high blood sugar. This enzyme has been associated with peripheral nerve damage and kidney function damage.*

Bottle Sizes: 1oz., 2oz. 4oz. and 120 capsules
Serving size: 30 drops, 1 capsule
Servings per bottle: 30, 59, 120
One serving contains:
Phyllanthus Spp. whole plant extract (1:1)
Loose tea: 1 cup contains 1gm of Chanca Piedra leaves, stems, and roots
30 drops = 1 capsule = 1 cup tea

Royal Chanca Piedra™ Liver-Gall Bladder Support


  • Liver detoxification*
  • Good digestion*
  • Healthy gall bladder*
  • Healthy liver function and liver enzyme levels*
  • Healthy LDL cholesterol levels*

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You might have noticed that we have two different labels on the same liquid extract. The reason we do that is to help health food stores that carry our products to be able to place the product in both the Liver Support section of their store and the Kidney Support section. Because the contents of both bottles are exactly the same, the bottle with a Liver-Gallbladder label also supports kidney health and vice versa.


“I love Royal Chanca Piedra™! Before finding this product, I was using apple cider vinegar, apple juice, lemon juice and Motrin to relieve pain. I also changed my diet. I had barely any relief. I refused to let a hospital take advantage of that because I learned I need my gallbladder more than I don’t need it. After taking the Royal Chanca Piedra™, I was able to stop taking Motrin for the pain. I also quit drinking apple cider vinegar in such high amounts. I took Royal Chanca Piedra™ regularly, 4 times a day, and I couldn’t believe how many ‘stones’ I passed. My motivation and energy has been restored, and I feel as if it saved me.” ~Suzy T., Ames, IA

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