A Unique Opportunity to Provide Vital Support

With so many people affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is easy to feel like there’s nothing you can do to help with the crisis other than stay home to protect the most vulnerable. And yet, some people cannot stay home – they must not only go into public, they must go into the most dangerous environment possible. Those who work in hospitals are especially at risk for contracting the virus and many of them have paid for their service with their lives. These committed people need both emotional support and physical protection. What can you do to help them?

Since you are reading this, you likely already know the many protective benefits that certain botanicals from the rainforest can provide. As part of this Social Mission project, you can partner with Whole World Botanicals to support and encourage the people who are serving on the front lines in the battle against the virus. Together we can provide them, free-of-charge, our most beneficial botanicals for supporting the immune system and lungs. If you know someone who is working at a hospital (or want us to identify someone), read below to learn how you can have a free product sent to them today.

How it Works

With the “Front Line Buy One – Give One” project, you purchase one or more eligible products* from Whole World Botanicals at retail price and then indicate to whom in the medical field you want to gift an eligible product. (If you don’t know anyone, we can choose someone for you.) Whole World Botanicals will then send the product to the recipient free of charge. You usually save 15% when you order through our website, so by paying retail price and your shipping, you help us cover part of the cost of the free product and free shipping to the recipient.

Click here to order the product(s) of your choice that are eligible for purchase and gifting for this project.

Click here If you cannot order products, but can give us the name of someone you know who needs this kind of support.

Potential Benefits

For Frontline Healthcare Workers, here may be the best reasons to send them these important botanical products:

Royal Desmodium™: Shown to support fast-acting dilation of bronchial tubes, easier breathing for lung issues, free flow of air in lungs and nasal passages. Other benefits: relaxes achy muscles, giving pain relief and supports positive mood.

Royal Camu®: With high Vitamin C, supports the immune system, promotes mood balance, supports energy, relieves pain and supports the cardiovascular system.

Royal Cat’s Claw™: Shown to support increased T-cell count and macrophage cell activity (strengthens immune system). Other benefits include: healthy cardiovascular function and intestinal health.


63-Year Old Sees Dramatic Results
My sister-in-law, Maria, has had the Corona virus for 3 weeks. At age 63,
she is high risk and has several serious medical conditions. She has previously used Royal Desmodium™, with great success, to help with her allergies and recurring pneumonia. When she contracted the Corona virus, she started using the Desmodium to help with her breathing, coughing and further development of more serious lung issues caused by the virus. I truly believe this product is instrumental in saving her life. I am so grateful to Whole World Botanicals for bringing this potent product to the U.S., especially in this time of crisis. I have purchased more for my other family members to have on hand, so they also can be prepared. Maria has said, ”These drops really do work!” Thank you Whole World Botanicals.

~Barbara S., San Diego, CA

Whole Family’s Symptoms Improve
My nephew, an Operating Room Assistant, and his wife, a NYC Critical Care RN, were both diagnosed with COVID-19. They had all the symptoms including fever and cough.

Myra’s fever was 101 degrees and her husband’s was 103.5. Her brother -in-law who lived with them had all the symptoms as well with a fever of 103.7. At one point the husband’s breathing started to deteriorate, and his X-rays came back with signs of pneumonia. He was prescribed antibiotics but was warned antibiotics would not treat the COVID-19. Having had my own great experiences with Whole World Botanicals products, I suggested they start taking Royal Camu®, Royal Cat’s Claw™ and Royal Desmodium™ immediately.

Three days later the fevers were gone and the oxygen levels were almost back to normal! The family thinks that everything they were taking was essential for their recovery. They note that COVID-19 is overwhelming physically and is mentally draining. Royal Desmodium™ not only helped their breathing, but also helped them relax at night and have better rest.

~Karina C, New York, NY

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Additional support may be required, such as dietary changes, other supplements, acupuncture, massage, psychological support, or prescription drugs, etc. Maca is not to be taken by people with estrogen or testosterone dependent cancers, or by women on HRT, bioidentical hormones, or estrogen-based birth control pills. For adjuvant nutritional support. Disease, serious organ or system malfunction requires the advice of a health care practitioner. Any type of severe or persistent pain or dysfunction requires the diagnosis and treatment by a licensed physician.