FAQ – Who qualifies as petite and/or sensitive?


  • 5’3” or shorter – weight does not matter
  • 115 pounds or less – height does not matter


Sensitive women, who may be tall, will develop side effects with pharmaceuticals and herbal products taken at the regular dosage.

The sensitive woman finds that Royal Maca products are generally “too strong” or powder dose is too tiny to get the dose “right.”

Both petite women and many teenage girls, still undergoing the changes of puberty, will tend to be sensitive and need a smaller dose of Royal Maca.


For Petite and/or Sensitive Women Seeking Hormone Balance

The amount of Royal Maca® in one SHE capsule is only ¼ the amount in one capsule of Royal Maca for Vitality or Royal Maca for Menopause.

300 mg of Royal Camu  in SHE also helps with hormone and mood balance