How is Royal Maca different from other brands of Maca?

Most Maca products sold on the market are recreational:

  • Most often raw
  • Always weak – 1 to 2 teaspoons daily
  • Treated as food – only added to smoothies
  • Often conventionally grown
  • May originate in China – at altitudes too low to produce the most potent maca, from seeds smuggled out of Peru.

In contrast, Royal Maca is a therapeutic Maca. It is a serious alternative to testosterone therapy for men, birth control pills for menstrual pain, and HRT for menopausal symptoms.

The Royal Maca DifferenceRoyal Maca 175g

  • Organically certified — from field to finished product!
  • Gelatinized – a flash cooking process to remove toxic enzymes
  • Sun-dried – an intensive natural process to develop the phytochemicals in Maca that support the production of anti-inflammatory hormones
  • Bioenergetically grown – planted and harvested on the full moon according to millenia-old practices to maximize potency
  • No excipients or flow agents used in the encapsulation – for maximum strength and purity
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Most potent and economical Maca product on the market – just check out the serving size!
  • Active Social Mission – we have long-lasting (almost two decades) supportive relationships with our Peruvian suppliers

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