Dragon’s Blood

Croton Uechleri

Sangre de Dragon, more commonly know as Dragon’s Blood, is a wild crafted resin that comes from the Croton Uechleri trees found in the Amazon Rainforest of South America. The heart shaped leaves and the blood-like red sap speak to the abilities of this beautiful tree to heal wounds and cleanse the blood. The Flowers found high in the branches resemble the dragon’s head, thus the interesting name, as well as a symbol of its fierce healing ability.

The sap is rich in taspine, an alkaloid, known for its tissue and skin regeneration properties, which quickly stops bleeding and seals wounds. The high percentage of proanthocyanidins also found in grapefruit seeds, make Dragon’s Blood one of the most powerful antioxidants on our planet.

I first learned of Dragon’s Blood from a friend who had just returned from a trip to the Amazon jungles, where he had been taught by the local natives to use the resin to heal cuts and scratches.

Medical research of Croton Uechleri has found that it contains anti-tumor and anti-bacterial properties. It supports digestive and intestinal health and can even stop bleeding ulcers.

A testimonial from a Chilean woman in her 60’s who is a High Altitude trekker confirm clinical studies of the benefits of Dragon’s Blood for pre-cancerous and even cancer lesions. She used external applications twice a day on the cancerous lesion she had on the top of her index finger and had remarkable results. In just two weeks her cancerous lesion were healed. She has since used Dragon’s Blood for pre-cancerous sensitive spots on her face with great results in a week.

Sangre de Dragon quickly healed an infected spider bite I had been struggling with. The pain was gone almost instantly, and in just three days the infection was gone.

You can use the liquid resin or tincture. The powder and hard resin incense forms are very difficult to mix. The alcohol free, pure Dragon’s Blood from Whole World Botanicals is my preference.

Croton Uechleri, with its powerful anti-bacterial and skin regenerating properties, is also a great rinse for bleeding gums and can even be effective on abscessed teeth.

My Dentist was amazed when a recent blow to my upper front teeth, which had become severely infected and showed signs of bone loss, was entirely healed after a detailed scraping and cleaning and three weeks of rinses with the Sangre de Dragon mixed with warm spring water, Himalayan salt and Camu vitamin C.

After examining my previous x-ray and then my gums at least twice, his comment to me was, “This does not happen in my world.” I suggested that he might like to learn more about herbal medicine. Since that time I have continued to swish daily with a few drops of Dragon ‘$ Blood after flossing to maintain dental health.

Note: When using Dragon’s Blood, remember to always clean the wounds, as the resin will dry quickly and seal in any dirt or debris. Shake bottles often and remember to tightly seal or the resin will settle and harden.

Beauty Care

Over the years I have discovered some wonderful new ways to use this amazing remedy. It has become one of my favorite facial and skin care products.

A few drops applied directly to the skin reduces infection and swelling due to rashes or acne. It minimizes scarring and lightens sun spots and will even shrink and lighten dark moles and skin tags.

A good quality product will be dark red when first applied, but will lightly lather and disappear after rubbing into the skin. It has a strong musty odor but the results are so amazing I have learned to appreciate the “dragon’s scent”.

Mixing Sangre de Dragon in a very clean preservative free cream, coconut oil, or even pinon salve, is a nice application. Use small sample sizes until you find the one you like.

Dragon’s Blood will help reduce the itching of eczema and psoriasis. Over time the lines from fungus on my nails have lessened after applying it topically, along with frequent doses taken internally. I took 10-20 drops in water, 3-4 times per week. Be sure to use a good pro-biotic, as the anti-bacterial agents will clean out the healthy flora as well as the bad guys.

Pet Care

I was thrilled to find out how safe and effective it was for my animals. Wonderful for healing cuts and scratches, Dragon’s Blood quickly takes the pain and swelling from insect bites such as spiders, red ants and even scorpion and bee stings. It even proved to prevent infection after extracting porcupine quills for my Wolf dog’s nose and mouth.

My Veterinarian was amazed that my animals had no parasites, even though I used no conventional wormers. A few drops of the red liquid in the water bowl two or three times a week had not only helped heal my cat’s infected gums, but was now proving to be an anti-parasite treatment as well. It also worked beautifully to heal her incision after spaying.

I used 15 to 20 drops in water with sweet feed and a few clover blossoms twice a month for my 21 year old Arabian Appaloosa. He never needed worming. And 10 Drops once a month in my 120 lb wolf dog’s water bowl kept him parasite free, even though he was fed mostly raw meat. He never seemed to mind the taste.

One morning after treating the water bowl on the front porch, I found my cat, the neighbor’s dog, a raccoon and a skunk ail sharing a drink. Even though the creek, running with good clear mountain water at the edge of the property, was only a few yards away, everyone wanted a drink of the “medicine”.

A few months later, a friend called asking if Dragon’s Blood would help stop the bleeding of her colt that had been badly cut by barbed wire. Her stallion was not going to accept the youngster into his herd and had chased the poor little guy through two fences.

The Arabian colt had severe lacerations and very deep gashes on his legs, neck and shoulders. He was still in shock and shaking when the Sangre de Dragon was poured into the deepest wounds. He stopped shaking almost immediately and the bleeding soon stopped. The Vet could not make it to the ranch for two days. When he finally arrived expecting to euthanize the colt, none of us could believe how fast the wounds were healing.

Two months later, when I visited the ranch, the brave little Arabian’s cuts were healed and the hair was beginning to re-grow over the scars. We had been afraid there would be a limp from the deep wound on his shoulder, but he showed no signs of any major injury. Needless to say I have continued to use Dragon’s Blood for many of my animal’s needs and often recommend it to other pet owners.

Educated Purchasing

Please be careful to buy these amazing herbal products from companies that are conscientious and support the local communities of the indigenous culture that have been the caretakers and guardians of the “Original species” and traditional uses of these wonderful gifts of Nature.

Too often, in the rush to utilize these newly discovered ancient treasures, plants and their environments are compromised, or entirely destroyed, by over harvesting, hybridization, and now genetic modification. Because of this, the indigenous peoples are in danger of losing their livelihoods, their homelands, and their traditional way of life.