Certified Organic Royal Maca For Menopause

Certified Organic Royal Maca for Menopause

For most women, our premium quality certified organic Royal Maca for Menopause Capsules work very well with no additives and without combining other hormone-balancing herbs. In fact, we advise AGAINST combining Royal Maca for Menopause with any other herbs affecting your hormones as the combination will be too stimulating and well actually create imbalance.

However, we also have specialized Royal Maca products for women and men.

Women can order the regular Certified Organic Royal Maca for Menopause, or the Certified Organic Royal Maca Plus for Women with DIM.

Which women should choose the Royal Maca Plus for Women with DIM?     

*Women Who Have Had Breast Cancer (these women should check with their physician first), Women Who Are at High Risk for Developing Breast Cancer and Women Who are Worried About Developing Breast Cancer: CLICK here for more information.

  • Women with AutoImmune Conditions such as Hashimoto’s Syndrome, Arthritis, etc. DIM helps the body produce estrogen through anti-inflammatory pathways. This is especially helpful for people with AutoImmune Conditions. For more information, CLICK here.
  • Highly Sensitive Women: Many do much better on a combination of Organic Maca Root and Di-indylmethane than on Organic Maca Root Alone.
  • Menopausal Women with Extreme Symptoms (e.g. Hot Flashes every 20 minutes plus continuous night sweats)