Annie Appleseed Project is an all-volunteer cancer nonprofit founded by Ann Fonfa. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 1993 while suffering from extreme Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.

Deciding against chemotherapy for a variety of reasons, not least because of her reactions to medications. Anesthesia from the lumpectomy cause her to be awake for 6 days and nights.

She chose to look into and try many natural cancer strategies. Despite getting noticeably healthier and stronger, she continued to produce tumors in the breast, ending with a left mastectomy in 1995. A right mastectomy in 1996 (although it turned out to have no tumor).

Ann started a Whole Health Study group in NYC in 1994 and the summaries of this group’s meetings formed the basis of the website that went online in June 1999. www.annieappleseedproject.org

Reaching out to Advocates around the country and eventually abroad, Ann and her core of volunteers, built the site and the audience. Starting with the idea that there are many (natural) paths to wellness, the site continued to add studies and articles, individual ‘testimonies’ and emails from researchers around the world. The site grew to over 8,000 pages and has had millions of visits.

It is filled with all sorts of information which mainly fit into five (5) categories, for each of which there are many studies.

Nutrition – eating as much organic and plant-based foods as possible. Avoiding added sugar, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives as well as deep-fried foods.

  • Physical activity – getting or staying active with walks, bike rides, swimming, etc.
  • Dietary supplements – vitamins and herbs are an important part of every protocol.
  • Detox – herbal, juicing, coffee enemas, etc.
  • Mind/Body/Spirit – enjoying life, learning to relax, learning to love yourself


The group’s website contains Evidence-based Handouts for Reducing (conventional) Treatment Toxicities – from the Patient Advocate perspective the pain and suffering MUST be reduced. Also Handouts on Constipation, Chemobrain, How to do a Coffee Enemas and more.

There are summaries of many cancer meetings from 1995 until present day. The many Annie Appleseed Project volunteers attend events around the world. Individuals also hand out their health-messaged postcards (as shown above) or the more basic one shown below:


Annie Appleseed Project’s goal is to help anyone and everyone with any type of cancer, gain evidence-based information to follow the steps toward health.

Starting in 2008 the group began to host conferences. They were the first group ever to serve ONLY organic food at their events. The conferences feature speakers from around the world who present their protocols. An important part of every conference is the Patient Panel where actual patients talk about what they did.
Of course their stories vary, but they usually have excellent nutrition in common as well as a belief in their choices.

Ann expresses this by stating: “There are always survivors. Place yourself in that category as soon as possible, why not?”

The February 28-March 2, 2019 Evidence-based Complementary & Alternative Cancer Therapies conference will take place in West Palm Beach, FL (where the temperature is around 75 degrees). There are 3 organic meals, giveaway items worth about $100, amazing people to chat with (including all of the speakers), a yoga class, a movie night and just a great, supportive atmosphere. This is our 13th conference, all welcome. If a healthcare professional, the meeting offers up to 13 hours of CEs/CNEs.

Details can be found on the website www.annieappleseedproject.org The group also has an active Facebook page with almost daily posts of studies, articles and information to help people with cancer make more informed treatment decisions. Ann says: “People are often told to ask their doctor about some form of CAM (complementary/alternative medicine) but sadly very few MDs (and studies show oncologists lag behind all other docs) know much about nutrition, dietary supplements or even exercise.

So very often leaps of faith are needed to go forward. But the path is clear, many people with cancer feel much better when they follow the 3 or 5 step protocols shown on the health-messaged postcards.

It is YOUR life.