"Whole World Botanicals offers Single Source Indigenous™ botanicals from the Peruvian Andes and the Amazon rainforest. Above left, Dr. Viana Muller, Co-founder of the Company receives freshly harvested organically grown maca roots from a female farmer in one of the communities with which we have partnered for 14 years."

Royal Camu

Royal Camu™ has more food-sourced Vitamin C than any other known botanical. It is a powerful immune system booster, antioxidant, same-day mood balancer, anti-viral, and anti-fungal. It is also taken to help prevent colds & flu’s and is used as a highly energizing super-food. Royal Camu is guaranteed to contain 8-10% natural Vitamin C at the time of manufacture. This value sets it apart from almost all other Camu-Camu products available on the market today.

What is Camu-Camu?

Royal Camu is made from Camu-Camu, a rainforest fruit which until recently was only available as a totally wild plant which grows in the oxbows of tributaries to the Amazon River in both Peru and Brazil. It contains more natural Vitamin C than any other edible botanical on the planet—twice the Vitamin C of the famed Amla fruit of India.

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What is the value of natural Vitamin C derived from the Camu-Camu fruit compared to high quality synthetic Vitamin C products such as Ester C®?

Vitamin C complex derived from the Camu-Camu fruit is not a single compound – ascorbic acid—found in synthetic Vitamin C. Camu-Camu, in which the ascorbic acid is embedded, also contains Calcium, Prosperous, Iron, Niacin, Riboflavin, and Thiamin among other compounds which act synergistically to potentize the natural Vitamin C. Synthetic ascorbic acid must be taken in far, far larger quantities than natural Vitamin C, and the most effective way to take Ascorbic Acid for therapeutic purposes, is intravenously. In contrast, therapeutic doses of Camu-Camu, whose Vitamin C is so potent, can be easily taken by mouth, without causing irritation to the stomach or bladder.

Royal Camu Wildcrafted - (140 Caps)

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Royal Camu Wildcrafted - (140 Veg Caps)

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Royal Camu Wildcrafted Light Powder (100g)

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Royal Camu Whole Fruit Light Powder (32g)

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Royal Camu Bulk Powder (1lb)

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Interesting Information

In the last several years the Peruvian government has encouraged placing small camu-camu plants grown from seed in the wild areas where Camu-Camu is already growing in order to provide some cash income to the indigenous rainforest dwellers.

Camu-Camu’s biggest market is in Japan, followed by Europe. It is only very recently that Camu-Camu has become known in the U.S. Whole World Botanicals is the first U.S. company to commercialize Camu-Camu in the U.S., offering premium quality Camu-Camu products to our customers since 1997.