Did you know your heart beats 115,000 times a day? That’s amazing. It stands to reason that keeping your heart muscle healthy is essential to vitality and a long life.

What do you do to help your heart? Eating fresh fruits and veggies is a good choice, but most of us struggle to get enough of those in our diet. I make a blender drink of organic frozen strawberries and organic spinach almost every morning to help me get my daily minimum. Getting regular exercise is also a challenge, but worth undertaking for the strength of the heart muscle.

Do you ever wonder if what you’re doing is enough? Well, I have some good news. Whole World Botanicals offers several medicinal plants that can make a huge difference to your heart health! Let me briefly tell you about the top three…

#1Royal Cat’s ClawTM is your greatest plant ally if you have either high blood pressure or sticky blood (high CRP level). Whole World Botanicals offers a therapeutic-grade 1:1 extract (equal amounts of dried plant material to extracting agent), which is the most potent on the market – most companies offer a 1:2 or even a 1:4!

Besides making a significant difference in your blood pressure, Royal Cat’s ClawTM is also a natural blood thinner and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. I recommend using Cat’s Claw four times a week as a maintenance dose if you are over 50 because it may lower the risk for many chronic degenerative diseases, not just heart disease.

If you are under a physician’s care, be sure to discuss using Royal Cat’s ClawTM with your doctor.

Speaking of physicians, a leading naturopathic physician, Dr. Julian Whitaker, MD, recommends Cat’s Claw to his patients to help prevent strokes and heart attacks, and reduce blood clots. In addition, Nicole Maxwell, author of Witch Doctor’s Apprentice said Cat’s Claw was the most amazing botanical she discovered in the Peruvian rainforest.

Learn More about the many benefits of this powerful botanical.

#2Did you know that people with low levels of vitamin C may have an increased risk of heart attack, peripheral artery disease and stroke? Royal Camu® is my second recommendation for an everyday go-to product with multiple health benefits. Camu-Camu is head and shoulders above any other fruit as a source of natural Vitamin C (twice the natural Vitamin C of acerola). Not only is it essential for heart health, but it is also good for your eyes, your skin, your liver, and super-supportive for your adrenal glands. Vitamin C is also very important in helping you handle stress, which can put a strain on both your adrenals and your heart.

Royal Camu® has a potency of 9:1 (it takes nine pounds of fresh Camu-Camu berries to make one pound of our Royal Camu® powder). Other brands only have a 4:1 potency – read their labels! Our price is a bit higher, but our brand is the best value.

WARNING: If a Camu brand claims more than a 10-12% Vitamin C level, you can be sure that they have added synthetic ascorbic acid—unless the product is made by “Lyophilization,” an extremely expensive process which would not be economically viable for the marketplace.

Learn More about the other benefits of taking Royal Camu®.

#3Our third product is not as well-known but very well could be in the near future because of how effective it is. Have you heard of Royal DesmodiumTM? This botanical comes from the rainforest of Peru and really helps with muscle pain and tightness that often comes from being stressed. I work hard every day and sometimes feel tightness in my shoulders and neck. Just a little while after I take Royal DesmodiumTM, I realize I’m not tense anymore! If my neck muscles can be affected by stress, it’s likely my heart muscle can, too. Stress has been implicated in many studies for increased risk of heart disease.

Have you ever felt tightness in your stomach? That’s what happens to me when I get under intense stress. Royal DesmodiumTM is amazing for relieving it within 20-30 minutes and the effect lasts for hours.

Learn More about Royal DesmodiumTM – like our other botanicals, it has many other benefits.

Before I end this article, I must tell you that Royal Maca® is the cat’s meow for women in menopause suffering from heart palpitations caused by low estrogen. It normally works in 5 days! Learn More about our amazing Royal Maca®.

Be sure to take advantage of our online special this month on these three products. Your heart will thank you!

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P.S. I’ve given you the best heart helping botanicals for long-term use. For those of you who are struggling with high blood pressure, we have two other botanicals that may help lower blood pressure in a natural way. Check it out by clicking here for Royal Break-StoneTM and clicking here for Royal GraviolaTM.