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Choosing the Best Product(s) for You

Support Breast Cancer Awareness

A message from Viana Muller, PhD, cofounder of Whole World Botanicals:

In 1900, only one in 100 women got breast cancer in the United States. Today, the rate of breast cancer is 8 out of every 100 women. Early detection, as helpful as that can be, is NOT a substitute for lowering the risk for getting breast cancer.

Many of you know that I had breast cancer 25 years ago. In fact, undergoing radical treatment for a year and a half—while all the time researching complementary natural therapies—led to my co-founding Whole World Botanicals. So really, having breast cancer helped me to find my true vocation in this lifetime!

Although I relied on mainstream approach for my initial treatment, I embarked on a mission to find out how to improve my health and reduce my risk for any future problems. This led to my embracing, one by one, most of the botanicals that we now offer through Whole World Botanicals.

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